Handic'Happy is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which aims to promote the dignity and potential of individuals, including children, victims of social exclusion and/or the disadvantaged (especially those facing mental, physical, or social challenges, refugees, etc.) and contributing to their integration and personal fulfillment through appropriate human, artistic, educational, cultural and social means, based on respect, non-judgment, sharing and solidarity.



Nomadic heroes and Fantastic Heroes projects were born out of the meeting of 2 dreamers, Léonie Zikos, a French art-therapist and Zaki Jawich, a Syrian artist.

Both believe in the power of art and decided to build those projects together.

Creativity is a powerful tool to invite magic into daily life, and to turn the ordinary to extraordinary. This will be the inspiration to start their beautiful journey. 

Nomadic Heroes and Fantastic Heroes are itinerant projects that travel around the world from care centers to hospitals, from refugee camps to NGOs to run animation movie workshops for underprivileged children and adults and/or victims of social exclusion.