According to Dawn Huebner, PhD, a child psychologist, using illustrated books to teach children about complex psychological issues is known as bibliotherapy, “Books are a great way to present the complex issues children face but don’t know how to talk about,” she says.

A children book is a very effective tool to explain sensitive topics and difficult experiences.

Those books aim to help children facing life challenges to open up, tell and as well understand their own stories.

We want through this project to help them learn how to identify and deal with those different emotions like sadness and frustration, the feeling of injustice, with the goal of overcoming them.

By empowering and inspiring them, the story will show them that life isn't just something that happens to us, it's also something that we can create by our choices.

Children books could have a huge power to shape how we perceive and interact with the world.

We hope this series of illustrated books will allow for empathy and smooth the integration of children victims of social exclusion in schools, in the community, and as well provide a tool to their parents to explain with appropriate language what they have been or still going through, and to lead to further discussion.


We will write the first book of the series in collaboration with a group of Syrian refugee children, to explain the war and talk about the refugees journey and their integration in host countries.

This book will talk about the conflict and refugee crisis from a child’s perspective, without necessarily expressing the violence and the cruelty of wartime, but by using the power of metaphors to touch on sensitive issues in symbolic ways.

The second book will be created in collaboration with a group of children with special needs, to explain what is disability and how it is to grow and live with it. 

This book will talk about how it feels for the ones born different and the difficulties and obstacles on the way to find their place in the society, by using the power of metaphors to touch on sensitive issues in symbolic ways.

We are currently working on the project of writing a series of books illustrated by and for children.