Handic’Happy Association pursues a non-profit, non-governmental, non-religious and non-discriminatory ethos.


Aim of the association:


Handic'Happy aims to promote the dignity and potential of adults and children, victims of social exclusion and/or the disadvantaged (especially those facing mental, physical, social challenges, refugees, etc.) and contributing to their integration and personal fulfillment through appropriate human, artistic, educational, cultural and social means, based on respect, non-judgment, sharing and solidarity.


Difference isn't a barrier to happiness.

Either they are refugee children who escaped from war to arrive in a host country that was not ready to welcome them, or they are children with special needs, born into a world that considers their difference as a weakness. 

Through this project we want to put the spotlight on those children who are indeed far from being "normal", they are extraordinary !
We aim to talk about this difference as a strength and transform this strength into creativity and art.
Handic'Happy has created the "Nomadic Heroes" and "Fantastic Heroes" projects to highlight the potential of those children and give them the visibility they deserve.

Nomadic Heroes and Fantastic Heroes are international projects that offer workshops and programs with emphasis on creativity, including animation and documentary films, in schools, hospitals, centers or specialized institutions, refugee camps, and running mainly in France and Turkey. 


Their aim is to promote the image and development of individuals, especially children, victims of social exclusion and/or the disadvantaged in order to initiate a change of view and new conceptions of their place in society.

Nomadic Heroes and Fantastic Heroes are the first projects created by Handic'Happy team.

These projects are born from the meeting of two dreamers,  Léonie Zikos, a French art-therapist and Zaki Jawich, a Syrian artist.

Both believe in the power of art and decided to build the Nomadic Heroes and Fantastic Heroes projects together.

Creativity is a powerful tool to invite magic into daily life and to turn the ordinary to extraordinary. This will be the inspiration to start their beautiful journey. Creativity through art therapy allows children to approach their external reality and helps them implement strategies to adapt and cope with new situations and life challenges, new environments, thus developing their ability to reason and reflect.

Nomadic Heroes and Fantastic Heroes are itinerant projects that travel around the world from care centers to hospitals, from refugee camps to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to create animation movie workshops for underprivileged children and adults or those with mental, physical, or social challenges.

Léonie and Zaki chose to hit the roads in order to meet those they call Hidden Heroes. With their workshops designed to celebrate and enhance the potential of the participants, explore their imagination, increase their ability to communicate, and their self-confidence, they invite the participants to reveal and become the heroes of theirs dreams.